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Re: WARNING!!! Redline MTL

This appeared a few weeks back and I promised Dan I'd look up the data on
MTL vs. MT90...
> [86 VW Jetta GLI, 5 speed, 150+k]
> <<lines deleted about use of MT90 or MTL for VW/Audi applications>>

> I called and was told that yes, MTL was right for my car, since it is an 80w
> oil and my car calls for 75w90.  So I put in 2 qts of it.

The data I have says you need MTL...

> Now I need oil...  Called Redline and asked whether they thought MTL had 
> anything to do with the seals.  So she looks it up and says 'oh no, MTL is
> wrong for your car, need to use MT90' (!!!).  I told her this whole story and
> that I was calling to order more oil, but was uncomfortable with their 
> products.  I asked if they'd be willing to send me some MT90 for free as a 
> replacement, and to my surprise, she called back and said yes.  
> Moral of the story - do NOT use MTL in the VW trannys.  If you've got it,
> I would take it out asap.  The same may apply to Audis as well.
> Of course, my seals could have leaked simply due to age,
> but I find it a strange coincidence.  If it turns out my tranny is
> shot, I'm going to try to make them pay for it. 
> 0-90k: stock oil
> 90k-145k: Synthoil

Gee, maybe it was the Synthoil...

> 145k-150+k: Redline MTL ---> leak

Here's verbatim what the technical information from Redline has to say
about these two oils...

: MTL - Manual Trasmission/Transaxel Lubricant. A 75W/80W GL-4 gear oil which
: is designed for manual transmissions which require 75W or 80W GL-4 gear
: oils, motor oils, or ATFs. It provides low temperature shiftability equal
: to an ATF, yet will not thin out or shear at high temperature and provides
: the substantial gear protection of a GL-4 gear oil. The higher synchrnizer
: coefficient of friction allows faster upshifting and downshifting and the
: lubricant is non-corrosive to synchros and bushings.
: MT 90 - Manual Transmission/Transaxel Lubricant. A 75W90 GL-4 gear oil which
: is designed for manual transmissions which require 75W90, or 90 GL-4 gear
: oils or motor oils. Uses the same chemsitry as MTL; but is a 90 WT in order
: to satisfy certain manufacturers which recommend SAE 90 GL-4 gear oils.

This implies the two are the same except for the weight. The non-corrosive
pointer is there to make sure one understands that GL-4 is non-corrosive
unlike GL-5 which is supposed to be.

I've been running MTL in my '86 5Ks with improved shiftability and no 
leaks. I think you need to check the manual and decide MT90 beacuse
you need the 90 weight or MTL because you don't.

Bob Kunz