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While we're on brakes......

When I was in having the tires rebalanced today, I noticed that I'm 
coming dangerously close to using the backing plate of the brake pads as 
a braking surface!  (Should we discuss the merits of d-i-y rotor 
resurfacing?  ;-)  )

Since it's obviusly replacement time, I would like to know the following:

a)  I have had the Mintex Silverline pads highly recommended to me, since 
nobody locally seems to carry them, (and my wholesale place doesn't have 
parts books) does anybody know the part number for the Mintex pads for a 
stock '85 Coupe GT?  or know who to call to get the info w/o them 
spending alot of time trying to get me to buy from them?

b)  Does anybody have extreme aversions to the Mintex pads?  why?  and 
what would be your next suggestion.

I've had them compared to the Metalmasters, but with much better cold 
stopping power, and being much more rotor friendly.

TIA all,


Gary Erickson -- '85 Coupe GT
Hilary Tombaugh -- '80 4KS (5 cyl)

Find us at: erickson@teleport.com