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"Grenade", Switches, Waste Gate, Cat

Four things:

1)  I'm about to replace the steering/brake accumulator (the 
"grenade" in front of the LF tire) on my 1990 200T.  Any comments 
about changing or bleeding it?  (Yes, I hae the Bentley - but it 
says almost nothing about the process.  Must be too simple to 
explain...)  Any suggestions on alternatives to the 
special Audi fluid which might be available at a NAPA, Hi/Lo or Car 
Quest parts store?

This note came across today:
> Regarding steering fluid-I've used Pentosin but also see Lucas 
> mineral hyd fluid, which I'm told meets Audi spec. any comments?
But I don't know where to find either of these items.

2)  ggboyd@waterloo.net sent:

> My ABS, and heated seats switch lights are dead. Can the
> lamps be replaced? Audi would like 45$ a switch. The unit
> look like a sealed switch, but I'm sure with patience it
> could be taken apart......

Check the Web archives.  I believe this was discussed pretty 
thoroughly on this group about two-three weeks ago. 

3) Re Ti Kan's note on the wastegate spring from Charlie Smith: 
Who's he, and how do I get in touch with him/them?  Sounds 

> It was an easy swap, and a
> perfect fit too.  As Charlie said, the car now easily reaches
> 1.5 bar on the dash readout, and pushing much beyond that causes the
> fuel pump cutoff to activate.  I used to get about 1.3 bar,
> occasionally 1.4 bar max before this mod.
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4)  Finally, I nominate Andrew Duane's drum-braked, etc. etc CAT for 
the honorary pet of this group!  I love his cat's sigs!
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