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Re: Euro Quattro's??

Hairy green toads from Mars made Bob D'Amato say:

> Hoo boy, hold on to your wallets folks.  Because of my never ending need 
> (ahem) of an S2, I was able to get ahold of this gentleman. I have been 
> emailing him for a few weeks now getting some info. It seems he is able 
> to import USED vehicles from europe for us. (ching!!)
> If anyone has any requests, we can get an approximate $$ figure from him.


It seems like this person (although good at import/export) is unaware
of the EPA's massive regulation of auto imports from overseas. I have
investigated this previously, and found it extremely difficult to get
a car certified for use in this country unless it was originally built
by the manufacturer as a US-spec car.

Everyone knows about Bill Gates' problem with his Ferrari (?), but
the EPA and Customs Service have hundreds of cars impounded at the
dock because they can't be US-spec'd.

For VW/Audi, some of the things I know that need to be done:

	Window glass replaced all around
	Exhaust system modified and certified to US-spec
	Headlights, taillights, marker lights replaced
	Seatbelts certified (???)

It can cost thousands and take months-years to get a car in. There
are some exceptions to the rule (e.g.: military stationed overseas,
not titled/registered for street use).

If the model itself was never tested and certified for US sale, it
can be impossible to get it imported.

The S2 was never certified for US, so it may be in the latter category.


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