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Re: Accel. pedal fell off

dhowitt@iddis.com writes on Wed, 16 Aug 95 16:02:35 BST   ....

> This should be an easy one.  Car is 1989 100Q.  The accelerator
> pedal fell off.
>  Just the plastic top pad that pivots and faces your shoe.
> Underneath is the
> real mechanism with spring attached and that is fine, I just step
> that
> directly.  But it's not clear how to reattach the top piece.  No
> provision for
> screw, clip, or etc. is evident.  It just wedges into place and
> works fine for
> a little while then falls off again.  I checked bentley manual but
> no detail on
> this.  Any ideas appreciated.

This is also a problem I suffered in my 1990 20v Quattro Coupe and I
was unable to even find a way of 'wedging' it back in place,
permanently or temporarily.

The dealers here (U.K.) wanted 45 ($65) for a complete pedal

A visit to the after market goodies shop located a drilled and
polished aluminum 'boy racer' pedal that was intended to fix to an
existing throttle pedal of a Mini Cooper I think. Cost - about $5

It was just the right size and prevents the spring from getting
caught in the tread of your boots.

The pedal platform is now rigid - but then I never understood why the
pedal flapped about on the spring anyway.

Dave Lancaster
Size 13 boots

.... End of reply.

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