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Re: Boge shocks for Audi 90 Q 20 V


I think that they are a little stiffer.  I can't speak for your car
though.  If you just replace the fronts the extra stiffness will not
be noticeable in ride quality but will be noticeable in handling.
When you replace the rears you will notice a stiffer ride.  I think
that my Coupe had hydraulic shocks in the rear as well as the gas
struts up front.  I replaced them with Boge TurboGas all around and I
am very happy.  The ride is a bit stiffer though.  A hard bump will
bump your brain *:)

Replacing the front shocks only is fine.  I would not wait until they
were well worn to replace the rears though (several 10K miles, YMMV).

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe