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Test drives (was:Re: Syncro = 4000Q?)

Dan (THE listmeister) Simoes wrote:
> Mechanically, it's definitely an Audi.  The car pulls surprisingly
> well, and seems to handle OK though I couldn't do any 'typical'
> driving of course :).  

Why not Dan?

I was trying to convince a co-worker that the Audi 5kTQ/200Q wagon is an
excellent choice for a practical and fun to drive car.  I had seen an
ad for an '89 200 at a local BMW dealership.  We went over there one day
and happened to get a salesman that once worked at the Audi dealer down the 
street.  We went with him for a test drive, first with my co-worker driv-
ing.  During this time we talked about how well the car handles and such.
When they first asked me if I wanted to take it I said that I already knew 
what it could do, but I decided to drive it to give a little demo ;-)  We 
were very close to freeway on-ramp that I know fairly well, a cloverleaf
style ramp.  I warned them about what was about to happen, and I think 
that even the sales guy was a bit surprised.  In the end the co-worker
opted for a baaS 900 turbo with a slushbox (which I also drove and found
incredibly unimpressive).  Maybe he was thinking that he wouldn't be able 
to get the seats on the 200Q clean!

<Start flame-retardent>
Not that I have anything against baaS's, I was surprised once on my old
motorcycle (adnoH 400) by someone in a 900 turbo.  I think my primary 
issue is with slushboxes .... 
<End flame-retardent>

Steve Buchholz