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Re: QTC/5kT(?): Starter heat shields

On Fri, 18 Aug 1995, Steven Buchholz wrote:

[My stuff zapped]
> Thanks for the quick response Gary!
> That does remind me that I have heard about a similar upgrade from Audi. 
> If that were in deed the problem it would be an easy test to connect a
> jumper to the solenoid to see if it would pull in.  The toughest thing
> would be not getting burned or shorting out that heavy gauge wire to 
> ground.  I'll give that a shot.
> Thanks again!
> Steve Buchholz
> s_buchho@kla.com

I found out that this would work, because before I got the relay 
installed, I would have to put the ignition key in the "run" position and 
slide under the car with a pair of insulated pliers or the clamp from my 
jumper cables and short out the two terminals to make the starter crank.

I always got a few funny looks when I had to do this in a crowded parking 
lot! ;)   Good luck with it.


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