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Re: Syncro = 4000Q?


I have a 1986 Quantum Syncro, red, 116,000 miles. Overall, I have been very
happy with it. I have had a few problems, mostly in the cooling system or
electrical, but they seem no different than the ones I see for Audi on this
mailing list (after all, VW and Audi share a large number of components;
there is no surprise there.) Just like an Audi, it requires regular maintenance.

I am not sure if the car you saw has clearcoat or not. Mine does not. I find
the paint oxidizes very quickly...

At 14:56 8/18/95 -0400, Dan Simoes wrote:
* Well, I know that this is true to an extent. 
* I just test drove a 1988 Quantum Syncro Wagon at a local
* dealer.  Red, 95k miles, new MXV3s, very clean in and out,
* one owner car.

Be cautious about the alignment. It took several tries with my car before it
would stop "eating tires like candy." I put that on the account of incorrect
alignment procedures. But this has been discussed on this list at length before.

* Problems:
* - oxs light doesn't come on with ignition - must be bypassed

Probably. Something to keep in mind: this Quantum (as well as mine) probably
uses a 3 wire oxygen sensor. The Bentley for the Quantum shows 2 wires. I
had major headaches (including being stranded 3 times) because the
"undocumented" wire created an intermittent short that would blow the fuel
pump fuse. I took a while before my mechanic could "trap" the short...

* - clunk when shifting into 4th gear
* - clunk when braking hard

I do not have any of these.

* - broken into twice (as evidenced by 2 non-VW triangle windows)
* Other than this, it's great.  The driver's seat shows little wear.
* Mechanically, it's definitely an Audi.  The car pulls surprisingly
* well, and seems to handle OK though I couldn't do any 'typical'
* driving of course :).  Interior-wise it's all VW, it's like
* being in my 86 GLI.  The rear seat is surprisingly small for a car
* this size, but at least it offers a 2/3 split.
* It's also got a roof rack (factory?) with Yakima ski attachments.

The 2 side rails of the roof rack come standard. Also standard is a set of
bars that attach to the 2 rails to complete the rack.

* They are asking $5495 which I find outrageous for this car.
* There is no warranty whatsoever, though they said I could take
* it to any mechanic I chose.  What do y'all think of the price?

I find that price outrageous, too. I do not have specific guidelines to go
by though.

* How hard is it to get replacement parts?  I imagine rotors, etc
* are all VW, but I suspect shocks are hard to find.

I do not know. My mechanic, who specializes in VWs, has been able to get all
I (he, really) needed in short order. My shocks are still original. I will
replace them soon, though, as the the rubber mounts need to be replaced.

* Let me know what you think.
* | Dan |
* P.S. the 90 was advertised in this week's Pennysaver for $7000 OBO.
* I know that's a bit high, but we'll see.  If anyone is interested in
* it, let me know soon.
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