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Unsubscribe Help for Tom?

> From: leveckis@USF.Teradyne.COM (Tom Leveckis)
> Date: Fri, 18 Aug 95 09:24:32 EDT
> Subject: location change
> I need some help....
> The computer that I used to subscribe to quattro-digest no longer exists,
> and I've since changed jobs within my company.......the server isn't taking
> my unsubscribes from another location......eventually things are going to
> bounce because my old account is going to dry up and disappear.....what I
> really want is to get quattro-digest at my new e-mail location.....are the
> any 'keepers of the asylum' that might be able to make that change for me???
> It would be really cool if I wouldn't have to rlogin to my old account to get
> this stuff....
> thanx TVL

Tom - I know how you can do this on an Almanac server - don't know 
whether the command is same for majordomo server.  On almanac, you 
can fool the computer into thinking you're at a different address 
and unsubscribing by sending the server this message:

set address old-address@old.place
unsubscribe (name o'list if necessary)

This would allow you to set the old address and unsubscribe it.  You 
could then re-subscribe at your new address.  You can always try this 
and see if it works.  If not - does anyone on the group know the 
command for a Majordomo server??

Good luck.

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