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5KCSTQ - idle and power problems

First: the good news - We just bought a 1986 5KCSTQ w/ 148,000 miles
in great shape....  soon to get a 60hp boost from Ned Ritchie...

Now the bad news...  Starting this morning, the engine idles at
~500rpm instead of the normal 900 rpm.  It is responsive to the
throttle, though it still sounds a little bit off up to 2500 rpm.
Other symptoms include hard starting when cold (usually takes a couple
of 3-5 second cranks), and occasionally a gassy smell when idling.

The car does not have enough power to be driven - letting the clutch
out will tend to stall the engine

Any suggestions as to what could be the culprit would be greatly
appreciated.  Also, if anyone has a bently manual for sale that covers
the 1986 5KCSTQ, please let me know.  Thanks

	Jim Jensen	jensen@clark.net
	1990 Silver 80 quattro
	1986 Silver 5KCST quattro
	1994 Blue Santana Visa