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Re: Termostats

In a message dated 95-08-20 01:21:00 EDT, you write:

<< I would like to hear you 2000 word diatribe on Audi cooling systems.  I 
too have been pissed off with my cars cooling system, and I'm thinking of 
going to the 80C thermostat to try to get my temp gauge down the scale 
and get my radaitor "Just" a little bit more involved in this cooling 
thing.  Three times this summer the A/C high coolant temp switch has 
kicked in saying that the head was at 230F.  I'd like to fix that!

What do you think? I already pushing the 300hp mark and the next step 
(Thanks to PDQSHIP) is 380+hp (Were doing a team development thing, He 
makes the power, and I make them stop and turn.)

BTW my gauge likes to sit two needles to the right of the thick halfway 
line,  And winter heat is NOT a prollum.


Eric Fletcher  >>

I'm working on my radiator/cooling system piece - it's long and rambling, and
covers the subject generally, not Audi's alone.
Since I put in the 80deg. 'stat, the temp guage has barely moved from the
center of the guage.  With the power you're putting out, I'd definately use
this 'stat just to get some extra 'headroom' if a problem occurs.  I'd also
SERIOUSLY think about getting another radiator built for the car.  Check with
your local hot-rod/custom car club.  Those guys are used to putting lots of
heat through small radiators and always have someone local that builds custom
When I was running Prorally, cooling was always a problem.  Here in the NW,
we spend a lot of time climbing up the side of mountains, running full
throttle for extended times but only going 40-50 MPH.  I got a 2-row radiator
built for the car and never had a cooling problem again.

That's my opinion, and you can have it.