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Re: 5KCSTQ Wastegate Springs (SMTP Id#: 197

>I'll be posting details on UrQ ECU code (actually, "data") mods to al-
>low higher boost/et al SometimeSoonNow(tm) [that's kinda sorta like a
>watered-down RealSoonNow]. I've gotten the boost map, overboost cutoff,
>cold engine warm up open loop map, and WOT open loop maps identified.
>Hoards of hoary details will be forthcoming as I get it all sorted out
>and translated into something vaguely resembling conversational English,
>including info on adjustable-boost-control (heh heh -- my patent-pending
>ShrapnelKnobben). I'm developing/debugging/field-testing mods now.
>					-RDH
Sounds neat! 
I'll really look forward to seeing the results & burning a prom for myself
using your data, Robert.
Just wanted to give you some encouragement