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OBDC. It's implications...

> > Audi. Here is the inside scoop on the lack of turbos in Audis for 1996:
> > As of 1996 all cars must have OBDC. (On board Diagnostic Computers).
> I never heard anything about this. Is it the EPA, DOT, NHTSA, or what?

I read about this in the last Motor Trend magazine. I don't remember the
exact title of the article but it was something to the effect of how it
would not be possible for us and other mechanics to fix anything under
the hood. Only dealers with $$$ worth of test equipment would be able
to work on the engines.

It was put out by some kind of consumer agency and it gave directions on
one could send their appeal to some agency. I sent my appeal out 
immediately. If I find this, I will be sure to post it to this group.

I probably would not work on the engine myself, but I expect my local
trusted Audi mechanic to be able to do so.