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#@$? EPA!

I've yet to understand WHY the EPA are such nazi's?  It's as if the Clean
Air Act was the "Arc of the Covenant" (sp?) for them.  <grrrr....>  (no
offence to our kind EPA list-member is intended)

Wisconsin is re-vamping their sniffing stations for rolling-chassis
tests...should be fun in a 4X4.  ;-)  Meanwhile, they've got repair shops
terrified to touch an exhaust system that doesn't have the OEM stamps on

At least TWICE, I've been told that I'd have to put more money into a car
than the car's worth, just to make the EPA happy.  Both times, my evil twin
skippy, titled the car in another state to avoid the cost.

I realize that we've got it better here than probably anywhere else...but
take a trip into Mexico City and TRY to breathe without choking.  No
matter, we'll have to live like angels anyway.

On a calmer note, what the HELL can anybody do about it?  Oh, sure, I'll
write my congressman.  With them squabbling over money for pork-barrel
projects, he'll jump right on my request.  %-)

In an attempt to play both sides of the fence, I'm now going to gripe that
mileage numbers aren't nearly as high as they could be.  And to be honest,
I think fuel-cell and hydrogen cars would be pretty cool.  However, instead
of spending bucks to help those technologies, the EPA chooses to harp on
the existing owners when probably only 15-20% of the cars are actually
causing the problem.


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