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Re: was: Intercooler tricks/LRP

Chris Semple wrote,

>I also looked over his neatly modified diff lock panel. Anybody else use that
>trick? I saw prolly four other cars with that mod, so I may consider it.
>Can't afford the ABT pod anyway.....

Please describe this for me.

>I also took note of probably the most beatiful TQC I've seen(caveat: I
>haven't seen Glen's '85 in the sunlight yet :)  ) Gary Palumbo's restored '83
>in Amazon Blue. Gary said it's an original '83 factory option colour. I
>hadn't see it before and can only inadaquately describe it as a deep sea
>grey/blue. Beautiful!

I spent part of the weekend burning up Mequires Products and polisher
bonnets, getting my Amazon Blue "83 TQC all spiffy.  Wow!  That paint
came alive.  I used Medium Cut Machine Polish,  #9 Mirror Glaze swirl
remover, and a Cleaner Wax.  I used several 7.5 " bonnets on a rotary
polisher.  The car was washed between each step.  The results are only
just short of a miracle.  the car sat for two years in LA sun, covered 
about 60% of the time.  Oxidation was terrible.  Now it's better than

No I don't sell and waxes, I just uses once every couple years :-)