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Re: How Much Rubber TQC

>  I've also been thinkin' of a similar sneaker upgrade,
>  though I've been considering 17x8" wheel size. The
>  225-50-15 P700Zs I run now fit OK, so I should think
>  that a lower-profile 16 or 17" 225 would be ok. There
>  are not a lot of wheels to choose from if you want to
>  stick with the 8" width, most are only 7 or 7.5 for Audi
>  5-lug fitments. Personally, I like the Momo Star and
>  other 5 or 6-spoke styles on the ur-Q. The Evolution
>  6-spoke is real nice.....   ($$$) Let us know what you
>  find in the way of wheels.
>  -glen

Splain somethun to me Glen,

I tried to squeeze a 215 on my stock 15"*6.5" rims.
They fit in back but not in front.  Whether you go
+1, +2, +3, that misfit shouldn't change.  Yet you
got 225's on yours.  

	Do the wider rims change the shape of the tire?  
	Are your running more offset than stock?
	Is my thinking muddled?

That's what I DONT know.

What I DO know is that some mercedes wheels are pretty close.
I think they have 110 mm offset insetead of 90 mm (this is
from dim memory)  but have the same lug pattern.  This may be
a route to good cheap(er) wheels.  Plenty of 5 spoke wheels for
Mercedes running around LA.  Although I would prefer a nice set
of vintage BBS or Goti Three Piece'ers.  :-)


paul t-