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          Well folks, the wife was out of town, so I drove down to my 
          parents after work for a good italian meal.  On the way I drove 
          past a local Audi/Porsche/BMW dealer, and there on the lot were 
          seven A4s!   Of course, I had to stop....
          The dealer had just received the shipment the day before and had 
          already sold one.  These cars are beautiful!  Everyone except one 
          were Quattros (the slushbox wasn't).  The photos in the various 
          rags and brochures don't do it justice.  These cars are low and 
          wide, with 5 spoke 16x7 rims with 205/55/16 tires.  Very 
          aggresive.  I want one. 
          I drove the 5 speed, but couldn't put it through it's paces, 
          being this was rush hour in Northern VA.  But I enjoyed the 
          experience none the less.   All cars were the 2.8L V6.  They 
          apparantly won't be getting the 1.8 Turbo, but next year there 
          may be a 2.4L with a 20V head.  The cars start at $26.5 and wind 
          up at $31.5 with all options.  These were the MSRP prices.  The 
          Automatics are 5spds!  They should have Quattro/autos by the end 
          of the year.  Prices seem good considering when I called my 
          cousin in Holland and he quoted prices 30% higher.  And they pay 
          extra for sunroofs, A/C, etc.
          All in all, I was very impressed.  The meal was good too.