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Re: RR Fuel Reg Upgrades?

  I didn't write that, but, Ned is but one source for turbos
  and you will pay top dollar from Ned. I did get my S4
  turbo from Ned, though I feel I paid too much for it ($1300 US).
  PDQSHIP should be able to help you on the turbo.

OK PDQSHIP, let's chat.  818-354-5388

  I didn't install a 3" exh in the ur-Q. The ur-Q already
  has a nice 2 1/2" SS system and I just eliminated the
  center and rear mufflers to open things up a bit.
  I don't think there is anything to be gained with 3"
  on the ur-Q unless you have a cam and other
  substantial mods and also eliminate the cat.


That makes sense.  Restriction from the cat would completely
overwhelm any decreases in backpressure from increased
diameter.  I don't really se myself making bypass pipes, etc.