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Re: Changing the brake fluid on my '

> I bought one of those MityVac (sp?) thingies to try to make it possible to
> do a 1-person job, but was frustrated by air leaking past the threads on 
> the bleed nipple.  I just saw a post the other day on another list that
> recommended using Teflon tape on the threads to solve the problem.

Since I can never get anyone to help me do this, I've developed a technique
for doing it by myself: I took an old reservoir cap, mounted an air fitting
in the middle of it, sealed it with silicone so it doesn't leak, then clamp
one end of long clear vinyl hose to it and the other end to the blow-gun on
the end of my air hose.  I dial the compressor back to 2lb. or so (it feels
like a slight breeze) then crawl under the car with my bleeder bottle, hose
and nipple wrench in hand. 

I start at the right rear, then go to the left rear (make sure to pump the
spring-loaded pressure regulator if your Audi is so equipped) then move to
the front.  The blow-gun allows me to start and stop the air as needed and
because I use very low air pressure and always drain the compressor before
I start so the air is dry (it helps to live in the desert!) I've never had
any problems with damaging the seals or getting water in the fluid, etc.

This is by far the easiest way to do this job and it takes me no more than
an hour or so from start to finish.

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