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Re: AM Antenna - and Mo'Headlights

In a message dated 95-08-23 23:28:42 EDT, STEADIRIC@aol.com writes:

>>I received some great posts, including directions on how to build a 
>>complete relay assembly harness.  However, one member of the group (a 
>>parts supplier) told me he has sold SIX sets of headlights to owners 
>>who DID melt the reflector-area sockets right out of their headlights 
>>with hot bulbs.  Therefore, I will think this over.
>Well like I said in the 10+ months of having 100/80's and the relays so 
>they get full volts I haven't had a prollum.  The Euro Reflectors are 
>made out of the same stuff and I know several who have had the upgrades 
>for several YEARS and they have'nt melted either! Just my $.02
>Eric Fletcher

Just to add my $.02 on top of Eric's, I think both scenarios are possible
depending on circumstances. If you have the high beam on and are not
moving.......possible meltdown.....On the other hand intermitent use or cold
external temps may not allow lens temperature to reach fission levels. Maybe
moderation coupled with relays is the simple answer.