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Re:rs2 prices and availability

>as an owner of an s2 coupe, i'm looking at the possibility of an upgrade to an
>rs2 of which there is currently one avilable in nz. 12 have been imported and
>11 sold. i'm interested in the rs2 because it's a little like my old
>ur-quattro, but faster and more modern (world's fastest family wagon car).
>i'm interested in comments from others in the mailing list as to whether rs2's
>have sold well in their countries, and if possible, what 2nd hand prices are
>looking like.

Unfortunately the RS2 isn't available in the U.S. :-(  That's why i'm
kinda prowling around for a mid 86-88 tqw...... Then I have to convince
my wife we another wagon :-)

Mike L,
89 100 Sedan
89 100 Wagon