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Re: Bleeding TQC

I did this job last weekend.

Save yourself $150.00 and test to see if the
accumulator is bad or just the O-ring.  I think
it was just the latter for me.  The test was
discussed on this group in the last week.
It involved seeing how much pressure was 
accumulated after shutdown, I think.  If you
know the refill / topping up fluid routine,
count how many pumps til the pedal goes hard.
With me it is about 15, with a brand new unit.

I did it the hard way, disconnecting all lines
to the base value unit, then removing the 
whole assemply, (mounting plate, valve/base,
and bomb).  This came out and the base was put 
into a vise.  I turned off the accumulator with
a pipe wrench.  THIS IS THE WRONG WAY!  I would
have a spare accumulator if I had not used a pipe 
wrench.  They show holding the bomb in a metal strap,
which is inturn held in a vise.  Then spin off the base.
You could try getting it off with a strap type oil filter
wrench.  If you were really lucky, you could do this while
it was on the car, and just replace the old one.  The new
O-ring was round.  Could tell that by looking at the old one.
Buy one at the hardware store and save some money.
If you want me to fax you the instruction sheet post a fax #.
Good Luck.

paul timmerman-