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Re: nada blue book online?

>Michael. Now you know no one ever actually buys the blue book. Everyone
>just goes to their favorite newstand and browses for the relevant info and
>then puts the then heavily fingerprinted book back on the rack.
>>Oooohhhhh, I'd love that!!!  But somehow I don't think so.  Why would
>>someone pay $10.- for the book if it was then online ?
>>Mike L,
>Ernest Wong

Guilty....... although when I go shopping for a car I end up buying the
book because I never limit myself to one year or model.  I usually go
for the one in the best condition.

When I bought the 89 100 Sedan, I was looking for a Saab 9000 Turbo, but
I couldn't find one in mint shape.  Saw the mint 100 and snapped it up.

For the 89 100 Wagon,  My wife wanted that elusive Saab 9000 Turbo 
again... still couldn't find one......

Mike L,

P.S. Now that I have 2 Audis, I've limited the models I look
     at to only audis :-)