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empty differential in 4000S automatic

I checked my diff fluid levelyesterday and found that basically there were
nothing in there except a weak smell :-( . I've been following the
discussion on evaporating diff fluid on 5Ks so I decided to check out mine
. I also think that this was the reason for the governor gear to fail
causing a total loss of automatic shifting. I managed to come up with a
replacement gear and the automatic now works GREAT except it leaks! I do
not know yet how bad the leak is but it definitely loses some of the diff
fluid. Apparently some shaft seals in the diff were destroyed while running
it dry.  Is there any kind of a stop leak additive which I could
temporarily use there before I have a chance to drop the tranny? Are there
any seals on the diff that could be renewed with the transmission still in

Thanks alot. If someone is interested in this governor story, I can e-mail
some details or post here.