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Help: Dead TCQ - ECU != 12V

He is my saga, as it has unfolded so far.

Starting to get most things fixed on my car,
but little things like the horns don't work.

Car dies two nights ago.   All power available
except no spark.  I squish in the ECU connector.
It starts.

Car dies yesterday at noon.  I tear apart the
dash inspect fuses.  Find a burnt one replace it,
wiggle everthing.  Had only 1.2 V at pins 1 and 14 
at ECU multiplug (12v and grnd).  After replacing
fuse, I get 12.0 v.  Friend says, that's the horn
fuse!  That shouldn't work!  It starts.

Two hours later, I lose spark again.  Test the
horn.  It works.

I can't see from my limited electrical diagrams which
fuses and relays are used by the ECU.  If someone can
point this out, maybe I will have a reliable car again.