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Re: 65 max in SECOND????

On Fri, 25 Aug 1995, Al Powell wrote:
> I will check this - but (pardon me, Vikram, because I know you're a 
> sharp guy from previous posts) I can't feel that it's correct.  This 

Thanks :-)

> would only be about 4500 rpm in 2nd (just guessing...)!!  What 
> possible reason would Audi have to limit max. speed in second to that 
> rpm, when redline is at 6300???   Heck, it doesn't redline in first 
> till about 55 mph.

Spoke to the local Audi dealer and they confirmed this. They said that 
they would need to look into it for the 200.

This would also make sense. We all know that the Audi's autobox has
been under designed from 1985 to 1992. Why Audi did not chnage it in 7 
years is beyond my understanding. I guess in the late 80's they put out
this warning so that the puny gearbox has lesser load.

I have no doubt that the engine can be taken to 6000 rpm with ease - it's
the damn auto that can't support it (atleast not in second gear. Third 
would not be a problem because of the lower torque). 

I envy you in that you've been able to take your Audi till 100mph in 
second gear. I've only taken mine to a conservative 55mph keeping in
mind the 65mph limit for my model. It might be more for the 200.