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Re: '85 Coupe Fuel Accumulator


story re: dying Goldi  (Oops, sorry Steve - Audi) in Florida deleted

>Hmmmmm, I always thought that Au was what you had to be made of to own one ;-)

In connection with the dying Audi in FL, another likely source of trouble
which is easily and relatively cheaply fixed is the fuel pump relay.  I have
had to replace mine twice.  Each time, the car just quits.  Period.
Fiddling w/ the relay - beating on it - pulling it and reinserting it, etc.,
finally got me running again until it quit again a couple of miles down the
road.  Problem solved with a new (overpriced) relay.

There might also be problems with the connectors for the relay.  Not quite
so cheap a fix but better than a whole new fuel system which might not even
fix the problem.

Gee, folks, am I risking intervention from the great Audi gods whose slogan
appears to be "I hear" (Audi) "and I get even", by using the word cheap in
the same message as the name, Audi?  Now what are they gonna do to me?

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