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RE: Castrol LMA in bulk

>  Robbins in Concord, NH has LMA in gallon jugs
>  for like $14.95 US.

Whoa there!! Unless your going to USE a full gallon your much better off 
buying it in the pint containers.  Brake fluid WILL absorb water (That's 
why we change it) Brake fluid comes from the suppliers sealed (So no 
water get's in) you break said seal to use the stuff...... See where I'm 
going.  Take all of those little pints that you use to top off your 
system twice a year and THROW THEM AWAY. Never use brake fluid from an 
opened container unless your positive that it was opened in the last few

Dealers, Repair Shops and Race teams that use lot's of brake fluid can 
buy it in Gallon jugs, But most of us Q-Dudes (And Dudettes) should buy 
it in pints. NJT


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com