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Re: How Many RPM??

Here's another theory:
The manufacturer's recommended shift points are used by the EPA when they
test cars for emissions (and fuel consumption).  That's why most owner
manuals list absurdly low shift points - to reduce emissions and show better
fuel economy.  My VWs have a really irratating "shift light" that come on
above 1500 RPM to tell you to upshift, and that's what the EPA dyno-driver
does.  Back when I was doing things for urabuS (oopps!), the manual had you
shift at 10, 18, 27,36, and 41 MPH "for best economy"!  The poor engine was
lugging alone, barely able to make the test cycle, but it got GREAT mileage,
according to the EPA.

On a slightly different matter...
Until very recently, automatics were a small percentage of European car
sales, and most makers seemed to laugh at us silly Americans that can't shift
gears for ourselves.  Perhaps Audi didn't feel it was worthwhile to invest in
upgrading their automatic for the colonists.

Just a thought