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Is my plastic/aluminum radiator repairable?

Hey guys,

This evening the top plastic pipe on 85' 5000s radiator
snapped into half so the upper radiator hose came completely
off and it lost alot of coolant. The engine luckily didn't
overheated, it happened so suddenly at a stoplight, next
thing I knew was a cloud of white smoke from underneath the
hood and the low coolant warning light came on so I just pulled
over into a parking lot.

About 1/2" of the plastic pipe on the plastic end cap snapped
off and lodged inside the hose. I was able to remove the section of
plastic pipe in the hose and luckily there was a little over
1/2" of that pipe is still intact on the radiator so I was able
to reconnect it back to the hose and refill the radiator and
limp home on it :)

My question are 1) Is the end cap replaceable? 2) If the end cap is 
replaceable then what's the cost? 3) Should I just go and
get a new brass retrofit radiator? 3) How much are the brass one?
(I remember someone mentioned that they are about $200, alot cheaper
than the OEM plastic/aluminum one). 

Anthony Chan
Adminstrative System
Information Service
Seattle University