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Help, Car on Jackstands and I'm underneath

Okay, so I get up this morning and pop the hood of the 86 5kcs and notice
the driver side inner boot is broken.  Since I had already done the other
side 4 months ago, I thought I could tackle this on a Saturday afternoon.
No such luck...I cannot get the stinkin' ball joint out of the socket.  I
have the shaft completely loose on the tranny side, hub nut off and the
front of the anti-roll bar loose, the bolt _completely_ out of the ball
joint socket, and the ball joint comes out about half way, and will not
come off any more.  It looks like it may be binding or something.  The
other side didn't seem to be as much trouble.  Is there a trick to this
that I am missing??  I have even tried to push the anti-roll bar down by
putting a scissor jack between it and the frame. It won't budge.
Any ideas out there.



Joel Richardson