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Re: Audi A4 Test Drive Report


A few comments on your report on the A4:

The base sticker on the car is $26.5K - even with all the options, I
don't know how the dealer arrived at an asking price of $34.9K, unless
he is asking over sticker for the car!  At present there aren't many
A4s around, but that is because the car doesn't officially go on sale
until 9/5 and many of the dealers are just getting their initial
shipments of cars.

I've talked to five dealers in Southern California and they all expect
to get a steady stream of A4s in the upcoming months.  I think they ARE
full of it when they told you that they are only expecting six A4s in
the 1996 model year.  (Sounds like you should shop elsewhere!)

The three spoke wheel is available as a $150 option.

-Dave Kynor