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Re: Help: Dead TCQ - ECU != 12V

RDH wrote 

>I kinda think the ECU is unfused, and powered more-or-less indirectly
>(Audi *never* wires anything directly when they can help it) off of
>the ignition-switched +12V bus.

	The Bentley says the "85 has 12v go through the coil of the
	fuel pump relay before going to the ECU.  Interesting.

>I know my ECU worked substantially more reliably after:
>That ***ing anti-theft alarm system was rooted out and discarded, and
>all those ****ing crimp connectors were ruthlessly exterminated, and
>all the wires were rejoined (crimp first, solder second, heat shrink
>wrap third...);

	This anti theft system is not factory is it?
	I have an alarm hooked into my harness, done before
	I had the car, but it isn't plugged in, and desn't
	have a fuel pump cut out function.

>I haven't had a starting/running problem in almost three years now (well,
>not counting the ubiquitous cracked head, frozen brake calipers, disinte-
>grated assorted engine/drivetrain/suspension mounts, kroaked alternator,
>dead ECU [****ing Hitachi HD46506 chip gni****], worn out turbo, leaky
>hydraulic hoses, dead clutch master slave cylinder, leaky vacuum hoses,
>dubious fuel pump, flakey ground connections [****ing crimp ... gni***],
>errant fuel control-pressure-regulator, erratic flywheel/rpm/ECU sensors,
>leaky [and mismatched!] injectors/seals, and the rest of the UrQ litany,
>but hey, if you can't take a joke . . . right? Right?).

	I think you missed a few, didn't you?  :-)

	What about rotted gas lines near the tank,
	non-functional vacuum accuators for the diff's,
	blown aout shifter fine control are bushings,
	bad cold start valve,
	limp hydraulic accumulator,
	leaky injectors,
	and blown out intercooler hose.
	Almost seems like the begining of a troubleshooting FAQ.

	Paul T-