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Just thought I'd post up this list of Adui videos that You can get:

Good Times:
Documenting the quattro four wheel drive success story. Clips from 
events 1982-86. 31 min.

1987 Safari Rally:
Audi 200 in 1987 safari. 18 min

Pikes Peak:
The domain of the Audi Sport quattro S1: one of the most exciting 
hill climbs in the world. 16 min.

Going to the limits:
An expidition which challenges the laws of physics. 13 min

Racing in the USA:
The Audi 90 quattro's impressive performance in the IMSA 
Championship. 26 min

quattro - Triumph of an Idea:
Like Audi quattro Experience but with new footage. 62 min

Success in Europe:
1994 D1 ADAC Touring Car Cup, 1994 Italian Touring Car Championship. 
10 min

The Silver Arrows form Zwickau:
Unique black and white doc. on Auto Union v mercedes. 49 min

Facination Audi/It's not a dream:
Two films on research and develpoment and the A8. 19 min

Here is the German address:

Audi Info Service
Gutenbergstr. 7
85080 Gaimersheim
Tel ++49 84 58 32 95 21
Fax ++49 84 58 32 95 13
Michael Siggins
Department of Engineering
University of Tasmania, launceston
Rally drivers do it sideways.

'With these cars, if you start thinking...
    your too slow!' Walter Rohrl