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Audi Recall

Found this in today's Denver Post Business Section (8/29):

German automaker Audi AG said yesterday it is recalling 10,800 cars
delivered worldwide in July because of a problem with child safety locks.
The company said it is recalling some A4, A6, S6, and A8 models,
which are equipped with electric locks in the rear doors.  Audi said the
rear doors of the recalled cars failed to lock, despite the
engaging of the child security locks.  In certain cases, the door could
be opened from the inside, or remained locked when the funcition
was disengaged.  The company said the problem was discovered through
regular monitoring, and said no complaints had been received from
customers.  Audi, the luxury car division of Volkswagen AG, will install,
free of charge, a new mechanical system for the locks in the 
cars which are affected.

End Quote.

1)  Puts Audi in a good light -- proactive.
2)  Audi -- "luxury car division of VW" ???   :-(


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