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Re:Audi A4 Test Report

servotronic can indeed be easily unplugged.  it is a simple add-on to the 
PS and most other markets do not have servotronic.  

i've been told that audi will be bringing in mostly quattro models since
that is the feature that most distinguishes them from the competition.

bear in mind that the new VW passat will be based on the A4 platform with the
sophisticated multi link front suspension and all and will also feature
quattro 4wd and quite possibly the VR6 engine.  i do not expect the passat
to have servotronic or climate control and be quite a bit cheaper if not as
pretty.  it may be a more sensible choice, especially w/ VW's 100K powertrain
warranty thrown in.  best of all, i would not be paying for "features" 
that i don't want.  

i have seen the fancy 3 spoke steering wheel on a S6...