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Re: Help: Dead TQC - ECU != 12V


Thanks to all for the suggestions. 
I am back on the road without any
sign of trouble.  I ran a new wire
from the ignition switch output
(black) to the black wire going
into the fuel pump relay.  Note that
this wire also sends 12V to the ECU.
The old wire was showing about 50 ohms.
I also replaced one of the spade 
connectors, as it had darkened insulations
and some corrosion at the wire crimp.
In checking out my ground side I found
2 ohms at the battery strap, so I cleaned
it up as well.

Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions.
I used lots of your ideas in finding and
fixing the problem.

Paul T-

p.s.	Next up (electrically):  Getting the lights
	off the fuse box so I don't get low voltage
	idiot lights to flash at me when driving
	with headlights and turn signals on.