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ur-Q brake woes & oil cooler lines

  Well, here are the part numbers on the MCs I've tried so far
  for the '85 ur-Q:

  a) 443 611 021 from PAP to fit '85 ur-Q, $69, LPR brand
       443 611 021 from Robbins to fit '85 ur-Q, $169, BeckArnley brand
  b) 813 611 019 from Carlsen to fit "early ur-Q", $159, FAG brand


  c) 857 611 019, that I'm still looking for

  MCs a and b above were both too large to insert into the
  brake booster. The book I checked out at Robbins in
  Concord NH listed a as fitting
  the '85 ur-Q as well as later 5000TQs, etc. It showed b as
  fitting the FWD 4000 and Coupe and c as fitting 82/82
  Quattro, so I'm guessing that c is the one I need. Too bad
  there are only 3 in the US and Audi wants $411.00 US.
  This one really has those guys at Robbins stumped!
  Carlsen quoted $299.00. Trying other sources.....
  Any ideas on this guys???

  On the oil cooler hoses, I ened up going with some
  custom aftermarket hoses from Quattro Sports in the UK.
  They came to 114.98 or $184.94 US with shipping to the US.
  These lines are Real Nice SS and a clean bolt-on. Audi
  wanted close to $600 US list. Quattro Sports is at, from
  the US, 011-44-1444-451542.