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Hydraulic Question..

A new question for the expert panel:

Last weekend, I replaced a bad pressure accumulator ("da grenade") on 
my 200T with a used (guaranteed) one from Shokan.  I did 
bleed the system by turning the front wheels lock to lock 
(off the ground) a few times.  The fluid is right at max, and 
yes, I used type 11 Pentosin.

When I start the car first thing in the AM, the brake warning light 
goes out immediately; before installing this one, the light used to 
stay on for 45 seconds at first morning start-up while pressure built 
up.  So this much is good news!

However, I still get a brake warning light under some conditions.  
When the warm engine drops to low idle, about 750 rpm, I sometimes 
get a brake warning light (the one which doubles as a parking brake 
light and as a pressure warning light).  If I add a couple hundred 
rpm, it goes out.

However, *anytime* I give the brake pedal TWO quick stabs, even if 
they're not real hard, I get the brake warning light and it stays on 
until revs go up again.  I have tried this both at idle and at 
highway speed, and I get the brake warning light every time.

Hmmm - no leaks are evident and the fluid is topped off, so those 
possibilities are out.  Of course, I could have a bad unit.  But I'm 
wondering if others on this list might have experienced this, and 
whether it indicates I failed to do something needed.  Could it be 
air bubbles in the system?  Is there some other possible cause I've 
missed?  If I should hit up Shokan for another, I can sure do so, but 
I want to do everything necessary to test for other possibilities 

I await the benefit of your collective brilliance.....

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