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Re: 1981 4000 5+5

> The curiousity is killing me.  Jeff, how many more Audi's do you have???
> These are the ones listed in the last couple of days alone.

Are you REALLY interested in knowing this?  Oh, well ... here goes:

1981 4000 -- now dead (thanks, Teresa!) and on its way to the junk yard when
I can find the time.  It's presently stashed in a friend's backyard.

1981 4000 5+5 -- dead (timing belt?  seized?) and temporarily stashed on the
4th floor of the parking garage where I work.  Sshhh...

1985 4000S -- on the driveway and slowly being turned into a ITE/DSP car for
SCCA road-racing and solo events.  Has lots of neat suspension pieces, trick
Techtonics Tuning motor, etc.

1987 5000S -- my daily-driver.

1987 5000W -- my "german suburban" (My mother borrowed it after her car was
stolen almost two years ago, promptly fell in love with it and still drives
it to this day ... my father promised to buy it from me but has never given
me any money so, technically, it's still mine!).

1988 5000 turbo -- wrecked car that I took in partial trade against the '91
200tq I purchased last spring (it was too far gone to rebuild as a "keeper"
but I was able to make a "profit" of sorts on the deal since my net cost in
the 5000 turbo was about $700 and I've already taken at least that much off
of it in parts).  It too lives in a friend's backyard (he collects Mustangs
and has a half-dozen parts-cars stored there himself).

1991 100 -- purchased last year as a replacement for my tiring daily-driver
but I didn't like it as well (IMO, the 4spd auto sucks the big one!) and my
father graciously offered to take it off my hands.  However, since he never
actually paid me for it (*sigh*), it also qualifies as being mine...  :^(
I've also got a '76 BMW 530i that is slowly being turned into a racecar but
is temporarily on hold until I can find the time/money to finish it... 

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