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4000 Q alternator

Hello All,
Driving my '84 4000 quattro home last night my OX, Coolant, battery, and 
brake lights all came on at once without any effect on driving/engine.  I 
suspect alternator problems.  The belt is still on.  Very busy weekend 
planned so I dropped it off at a new (to me) mechanic.  First thing he says 
is Yes it's the alternator and they are expensive, costing about $350.  I 
just called my parts place and they quote me a Bosch for $168!!

Now my real question.  How difficult is replacing the alternator on a '84 
4000 quattro.  I do most of our VW work (Rabbits, Jettas) but have not 
obtained a manual for the quattro, or ever put a wrench to it.  We have only 
owned it a few months.  Anything stange or particularly challenging to this 
repair, or odd about the above pricing?

I appreciate all input and thanks for your time,