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Real Men & Bombs

The easy test for an OK accumulator is to (with the engine off 
depress (etc...)

> > Ha, for wimps!
> The RealMan(tm)'s test is to scream down the highway and hit the brakes
> hard and fast. If nothing happens, your accumulator is toast. 

I hear 'ya, big guy.

Probably best performed not in an Audi, but in a '63 International 
Travelall ("Cornbinder") with the you-betchum-Ben-Hur, 8" diameter 
sewer pipe bumpers front & rear!  Anything smaller'n a Greyhound Bus 
would bounce off!!

Kinda-Audi content: my office partners harrass me about the amount of 
fooling I've done with my wife's 200T recently.  I sometimes 
understand why my next door neighbor sold his '73 ovloV Sportswagon 
and bought a '81 F-150 peekup.  He said that just for once in his 
life, he wanted to drive into a service station, ask for them to 
change a part, throw them the keys, and be able to walk off without 
worrying about the car, parts availability, or the cost.  (Sigh..)

Once I get this presure accumulator problem put to bed, I hope the 
Audi gods will be kind for a few weeks.  (I can hear them snickering 
at the very thought...)
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