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Re: 1981 4000 5+5

>1988 5000 turbo -- wrecked car that I took in partial trade against the '91
>200tq I purchased last spring (it was too far gone to rebuild as a "keeper"
>but I was able to make a "profit" of sorts on the deal since my net cost in
>the 5000 turbo was about $700 and I've already taken at least that much off
>of it in parts).  It too lives in a friend's backyard (he collects Mustangs
>and has a half-dozen parts-cars stored there himself).

I remember when you bought that, I was looking at a wrecked 91 200tqw as
well. I passed on it though.....Always wondered what happened to that
car....... :-)

>1991 100 -- purchased last year as a replacement for my tiring daily-driver
>but I didn't like it as well (IMO, the 4spd auto sucks the big one!) and my
>father graciously offered to take it off my hands.  However, since he never
>actually paid me for it (*sigh*), it also qualifies as being mine...  :^(

I drove one of these with the 4 speed auto as well and didn't like it
either......  bought an 89 100 instead with the 3 speed auto.

Good Luck with the 81 4000 5+5 project!!!

Mike L,