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Allstate Insurance

Although I don't like some of their policies (no pun intended!), I have to
say that my recent experience with Allstate has been quite positive.  They
didn't give me any grief about taking my car to a shop that specializes in
repairing and/or restoring Porsches, they didn't make them use repro parts,
they didn't complain about replacing things like slightly cracked radiator
shrouds or a dented timing cover instead of repairing them, and they didn't
drag their feet on cutting me a check since I was in a hurry to get the car
back and paid for the repairs myself in order to save time.

Contrast this with State Farm, who insisted that I get three quotes before
they would authorize work to be performed, insisted that the shop use used
or repro parts where appropriate ("after all, the parts you damaged aren't
new, are they?") and wouldn't let me make any of the repairs myself unless
I signed a waiver taking full responsibility for the car's roadworthiness.

Just thought I'd pass this along...

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