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Windshield wipers only work on one speed...

Greetings Folks,

I am new to Audi ownership and new to this list.  I have been lurking
for a few weeks and now feel a need to ask for advice from the pros.
My car is an '84 Coupe. When I bought it a few weeks ago, it had a few
small problems including one with the wipers.  They only work one
speed (the highest speed).  Also, the self-park mechanism does not
work, so the wiper stop immediately as the switch is turned off.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?  I will dig into this with my
test meter, but I am not an electrial pro.  What is your advice?
Should I start with the switch, the motor, the relay, ground sources?
I would appreciate any info that anyone could provide, as it will
undoubtedly save me a lot of time.

As long as I am asking questions, does anyone out there know of a good
source for the pneumatic assist devices for the trunk on the same car?
I fear asking the dealer for a price.

For the curious:
I really love the car and feel like it was a great deal.  I paid only
$1200.00 for it.  The body is perfect except for small chips (1 or 2).
Also, the interior is perfect.  The guy sold it because it has high
miles (over 130,000), but I am not bothered by this.

                                                  Jeff Wozniak
                                                  Kent State University