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86 5000cstq sunroof and mirrors

It seems I can never have a totally problem free day with this car!  

Now the sun roof and mirrors are dead.  The sun roof would crap out from
time to time, but always seemed to come back to life after a few minutes.
Not tonight.  I shut it manually after trying the switch for about twenty
minutes.  There is zilch in Bentley about trouble shooting a sunroof for
this year of 5000.  Are the '87 instructions ok?  I couldn't find mention of
the thermofuse they discuss on the '86.  It's shown on an aux relay panel.
Something new in '87?

The mirrors have me perplexed.  There is no power at the connector inside
the door (rouns, 7, maybe 8 pins.  Bentley says the red w/blue stripe wire
is hot.  Not on mine it isn't.  It's not the fuse, because the door lock
system is on the same fuse and that system is (still) working.  Plus, I
checked the fuse. 

Can I wave a dead chicken over this car or do something similar to exorcise
these nasty electrical demons/gremlins from my car without spewing out vast
sums of money?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Allan Tygert
86 5000cstq, slightly posseessed (but possession is 9/10 of the law)