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Re: Bonnet/Boot

Stuff snipped...

> >Question back for you - Am I right in thinking that the metal
> >over the wheelarch is called a fender? 'Cos on my car they are
> >called wings, and the fenders are the bumpers... Good job we
> >all speak English... :-)
> What would the cover be called over a midengine car? i.e. 914 Porsche,
> Pantera, Fierro, Ferrari Boxer............A bonnboot? 
> And what would you call the cover over the engine on cars such as the old
> Jaguar xke's and '84 on up vetts that incorporate the fenders into the
> "hood"...........bumperbonnets?
> And what about the cars that have a one piece rear end that includes the
> quarter panels and rear deck lid such as the old DeTomasso  Mangusta's and
> Ford GT 40's.......a wingboot or a bootwing? or maybe just a thingamajig or
> whichamacallit.

I have never had email before which ackshully made me laugh so much I
had to leave the room.... Thanks...
Drew Faulkner
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