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5 banger run-in

[from Steadiric. Don't know what's going to be steady when Eric is going at
warp 9. In a corner]

>>The guy sold it because it has high
>>miles (over 130,000), but I am not bothered by this.
>HA!  The motor is JUST getting broken-in!!  I sold my old coupe with OVER
>360,000 Miles.  THe new owner has already put another 20,000 on the car
>and the engine has never been opened up.
I was routing through the library in the glove compartment. Found original
Audi maintenance book from previous owner.

87 Audi 5000s. Delivered 4/23/87.
First serviced for oil and filter at 9280 miles at 11/19/87.

Hope the motor didn't get tooooo run in the first 10K of its life on the
same dino juice. :-(

At least the guy did change the oil. At least once.

Ernest Wong