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Re: A4 rental in Germany

Earlier, Paul Rivera wrote:
> I have recently reserved an A4 for December in Germany
> from Avis. Real Cheap also!.

I wish you luck in getting what you want.

I had a 5000 reserved from Avis for pickup in Munich, in Dec '91.
When I showed up, all they had for me was some sort of mid sized Ford
that wasn't anywhere large enough for me and the four other guys I
was going to pick up in Saltzburg <!>  It was close to a disaster,
saved only by tying the trunk down on the luggage with a rope,
and after a couple of days we sent two of the guys on to Paris
by train.

All they would say, was that this was the same 'class of car' that
I had reserved.  And they had nothing larger available at the time.

    - Charlie

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